Monday, April 22, 2013

Check out a brand new Chris Young song, “Aw Naw,” from his forthcoming fourth record. This song will be released as a single to country radio in the next few weeks. What do you think?

When I first heard the name of the song, I was immediately put off. Going into my first listen of the song today, I had very low expectations; assuming it would be cliche blather to appease radio programmers. Surprisingly, I actually really enjoy it, and not just because I think he’s one of Nashville’s best vocalists. Yes, I count him in ‘our’ corner as one of few traditionalist-leaning artists in the mainstream scene, but his extraordinary talent lends himself to many different styles. I look forward to hearing more from his next project, especially if it is in the vein of this (“Text Me Texas”). Lovely.

Bethany Dorobiala
Independent Sky